What To do When You A Speeding Ticket

What To Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket

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The first thing you need to know when your first speeding ticket is, it's not the end of the world. You got caught speeding learn from it. A notice will come in the mail, after about a week from your ticket date.

Of course, the first 2 options are your best bet. If this isn't your first ticket, go ahead and take option number one. If this is your first ticket, then you should definitely consider option 2. Here's why,paying the fine and taking traffic school will allow you to hide your first point from your insurance. It is kind of like a do-over. Your insurance company will not find out about your first speeding ticket, so your insurance will not go up. Because your insurance will not find out about it, you end up saving at least 2-3 years of rate hikes, if you just chose option one. What happens if it was your 2nd ticket or if you chose to take option one instead? You insurance could go up between fifty to two hundreds a month, depending on the severity of the violation. Of course if your first speeding ticket also involves an accident or was classified as reckless driving. Then you are not going to be able to hide that.
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So now you know the benefits of taking traffic school. Should you take a class or do an online traffic school? My suggestion would be to take an online traffic school. Not only are they cheaper they also save you time, gas and money.

The first thing you need to do when you get a speeding ticket is to remain calm. There really isn't much you can do, one way or the other you will have to pay the fine. The question really is how do you move on and get back on your feet. When I got my first speeding ticket, I wasn't as calm, there were hundreds of things that started rushing into my mind,  how am I going to pay for it? How much will the speeding ticket cost? Will my insurance go up? How do I pay for it? Can I take an online traffic school? How long does traffic school take?  Is traffic school hard?

In the notice, you will see that you have 3 options, the first one is to pay only the fine, second is to pay the find and do traffic school, and finally you can go to court to challenge it.

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