Save on Traffic School This Holiday

Save on traffic school this holiday 

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The holidays are upon us. We all have to be some place, family events, places to see, planes to catch, etc. Whatever excuse you have, if your reading this then maybe it's too late. If you are looking for traffic school answers you have come to the right place.

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As we all know during the holiday's, the police are out and enforcing Speeding Crackdown and DUI crackdown.
Anyways, I do hope you make sure you keep an eye on your speed. Trust me saving a few minutes by speeding five to ten miles over the limit isn't worth it. I know of two specific cases, where I sped and pretty much regretted the reason for speeding.
My first ticket was a red light camera, it was a Saturday afternoon, I was going to meet up and another meet-up attendee didn't have a car. So out of the kindness of my heart I offered to pick them up at Union City bart station. I later realized that rushing to pick up that person, wasn't really worth it, because the person wasn't really appreciative of my effort.
My second ticket came from a CHP officer, I was going 72 on a 65 highway. Basically, I was driving home from a children's party, my reason for speeding was I have been driving for a while and I was pretty good at spotting police cars hiding after exits. Well I guess I was wrong and I had to pay a 550 bucks ticket.

So unless it's a million dollar deal, really best to just use the cruise control.

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